Awkward Flirting

Hey, are you a model?

Because I think you’re really good looking

How about the sun?

Because you’re not only hot, but the light of my life

Flirting is an art I am no expert in

And perhaps that’s why I’m single

The people who reject me blame something else

But my mom says that’ll ruin my self esteem

I’m a lot of things, but I’m sure not a photographer

But even though that’s the case, I can still picture us together

Are you a fruit?

Because Honeydew you know how fine you look right now?

That one has never actually worked

They usually start to run away as I approach

Momma tells me I’m a beautiful child

But based on my reflection, I know that’s a lie

But that’s okay because you’re a nine

And I can be the one you need

Don’t freak out if I start following you home tonight

‘Cause my parents told me to always follow my dreams

You’d think the lines would’ve worked by now

That I’d have someone to hold on to

But all I have is my faithful wall

Unless someone takes that away from me too

I love that wall especially

Because it’s the same wall I ran into

When I was enchanted by your beauty

So please give me your name and your number

Not that rejection hotline I once dialed

Even the lady on the phone hung up on me

Perhaps it’s because of what I told her:

That my love for her was like diarrhea

I just can’t hold it in

I can’t hold on anymore

Because I’ve already fallen for you


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