Made of Stars

Hair always slicked back in that appalling coiffure

Hat set backward in a ridiculous look

The image is what matters, he thinks

The only thing that warrants importance


A permanent smirk plastered across his face

Like a hideous tattoo even acid can’t erase

He will think he is better

Just because the world doesn’t deny him


But denials are made in the silence of the hall

Where unwanted ears will never hear

The offenses made against their popular name

The derogatory remarks imprinted

Onto the doors of bathroom stalls


They make fools of authority

Demeaning their teachings through jokes

Rearranging their fate like it’s theirs to control

Because they were never told otherwise


In their minds, they’re the king

And the others, their pawns

We are to be their servants

As if we were born any less than them


But others achieve more

Others see more

Others do more

Yet they’re the ones being praised the most


What makes them different from the rest of us?

I ask the same question everyday


Someone shoves past me as I make my way outside

My cheeks burn as I realize who it is

And when I see that smirk

That all-knowing, confident smirk

One word trickles into my brain:



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