A Different Paradigm

She was lost to her own creation

Eyes eternally wandering

As the blank room remained unchanging


The only difference were the scars

They grew larger and wider with each stroke

With each tap of her fingers


There was joy to be found in this place

In the cracks between darkness

Sometimes even in the fissures of the wall


Others reminded her to stay on this plane

But reality was boring

Why live one life when you could live more?


So she hid herself amidst the piles

Endlessly clicking away

Perhaps just to drown out the silence


The quiet used to be her greatest weapon

Now it was just white noise

And she reveled in the peace


They learned to leave her alone now

To allow imagination to breath life into her

Into the bleak surroundings


Her wishes became real

All the secret dreams making themselves known

Where there was once rejection


Corrupt rulers rose and fell

Darkness became light and light disappeared

Worlds shifted and were molded to her hands


Stars and night became the image

Creativity manifested on a broken canvas

She did not know how to stop


When her fingers grew tired and heavy

Still she kept going

Unable to hinder the flood of emotion


She was slave to an unknown entity

Shackled by the hopes of her mind

Freed by the shattered door


Late in the evening she would finally pause

She would never finish

This was something that couldn’t be


Tears dried on her cheeks

Laughter burst from her mouth

Insanity and joy lit up her eyes


It was a rush she reached for

The rhythmic thumping of her heart the reward

Be it through delight or sorrow


But she was a machine of her own making

A carefully built model of isolation

She wouldn’t trade it for the world


Not when she could write her own

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