Conjured Love

My heart kept up with the rhythm of the waltz

Ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum


Each step a twirl

Each lingering gaze an invitation


I felt a hollow thump in my chest

A reminder


My smile was strained

My words were forced


There was a steady pounding in my head

Find him find him find him


Nothing more I wanted

Nothing more I thought of


I let the music sweep me away into the night

Dancing with a faceless stranger


Glittering rays of sunlight on the floor

Glittering ice in my heart


I longed to depart from this wretched place

But not yet


Not now

Not ever


There was nothing worse than admitting a weakness

A vulnerability


I wanted to leave

I wanted to see him


Again the noise resonated in my mind

Soon, very soon


But soon was not soon enough

And I was growing restless


It was at this time that I became desperate

Aching to give up my ridiculous façade


Nothing more to give

Nothing more to care about


The next stranger puts his arm around my waist

I startle at the touch


He does not notice

He does not exist


I am floating on a cloud of memories

Each one wrecking me


I let it carry me away

I let it control me


Everything I wanted was gone

All the stars out of reach


Absence does make the heart grow fonder

But I have long since broken mine

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