Movie Reviews with Ms. Abigail

Hello! My name is Clara, and one of my passions in life is the on-screen world. Since I was little, I’ve always loved watching movies with my family, crying and laughing and having a good time in a seat with a bucket of popcorn. By now, I’ve watched hundreds and hundreds of movies (probably), and I’ve come to believe that I know a good one from a bad one.

It’s been a while since I’ve thought about reviewing all the movies I watch, perhaps sharing a few suggestions to those who search for it, but here I am! I’m here to provide a bit of insight to those who want some, and to enlighten you on my personal thoughts on a particular movie. To put it in perspective, you can probably find me at the movie theater at least once every two weeks, sometimes once a week (depends on what movies are out), but I thought that reviewing them would be the best way to voice my opinions.

I’m promising to have at least two reviews out every month, starting from this beautiful day of July 13th. Just for your own information, I’m not a qualified movie critic. I didn’t go to film school, nor will I ever go to film school. I’m just a girl who gets too much pleasure out of being one of the first to watch a movie at the premier. Well, that and I do love film in general. (No, I haven’t watched every movie out there. No, I don’t watch classic black-and-white films. But yes, I do watch quite a few things.)

Each of my reviews will have a few rating factors I’ve come up with myself, in addition to my own little blurbs. I think that a simple number out of 10 is a little bit too general, and it doesn’t always completely convey how good the movie is if you’re not looking for an Academy Award-winning film. All of the numerical values I’ll give will be out of 5 (5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest), and they are entirely subjective. Don’t base it all on the opinions of a girl who probably goes to the movies too much. So, here is the rating system:

Enjoyment Factor – This is going to encompass how much I smiled, laughed, and didn’t yawn during the movie. Sometimes you just want a movie to take your mind off of things and to make yourself feel a little lighter, so this is where this rating comes in. This is how much you enjoy the movie as a movie, not as a comparison to actual realities. Basically, this is my prime factor because I’m not going to be pointing out how a character shouldn’t be able to get up after a massive explosion unless it was too unrealistic.

Quality Factor –  This is probably the most technical rating I’m able to give without knowing all the techy stuff. I can tell when visual effects are good and when they’re not, and I can tell if acting is genuine or not. Again, I’m probably not qualified for this, but I can tell when an alien is wearing a watch. Some movies have good CGI effects, others don’t.

Necessity Factor – There will be a few (okay, maybe a lot) of movies that you absolutely have to watch. However, there are some where you wouldn’t be missing out on much. For example, how much would you be missing out on if you didn’t watch the first Thor movie? Personally, I’d say not so much. How much would you miss if you didn’t watch Captain America: Civil War? Um, a lot. Like, a lot.

General Rating – Of course, every movie does have an overall rating. It’ll factor in all those little ^^ elements I’ve highlighted up there, and probably account for my own personal emotional experience while watching that particular movie.

SO, I think that about covers that. I hope you have fun reading my reviews, and don’t hesitate to comment! Also, I’d like to point out that the reviews won’t be the most professional pieces of writing you’ll read, but more like stories. I like telling stories, too.



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