Spider-man: Homecoming :Movie Review

Every single time a new Marvel movie comes out, it’s like there is a preternatural stillness in the air. Perhaps it is anticipation. Perhaps it is merely curiosity because the question at the end of each one is always, what’s next? For me, it’s always one of breathless excitement.

DISCLAIMER: NONE of the pictures I put here are my own. They were taken by various professional photographers and magazines. Unless I somehow sneak onto the red carpet, there won’t be original star-studded photos in my movie reviews.

Every single time a new Marvel movie comes out, it’s like there is a preternatural stillness in the air. Perhaps it is anticipation. Perhaps it is merely curiosity because the question at the end of each one is always, what’s next? For me, it’s always one of breathless excitement.

I’ve been a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years and years; I don’t remember my life before it. Not really. Since the first Avengers movie was released, I’ve been invested emotionally, mentally, and of course, financially (how does one watch movies without spending a little $$$?). At first, I didn’t realize the grand scope of the whole MCU, how each movie is directly related to all the other ones, but eventually, I was hooked into this multi-franchise catastrophe (I say that in the most affectionate way possible).

Anyway, I recently watched the newest addition to this amazing, mind-blowing, life-changing universe, and I’m here to discuss it with you.

For those of you who haven’t watched it yet, here are a few ratings based on a system I’ve created myself. All the numbers are out of 5, that being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

Enjoyment: 4.7 tom-holland-body-measurements-age

Like most Marvel movies, Spider-man was absolutely hilarious. Half of the time, I go watch the new ones just because I know they’ll give me a good laugh, and this one didn’t disappoint. Besides that, it was an easy movie to watch because the plot flowed fine and there wasn’t too much to think about. You know, like one of those movies that just take your mind off things for a while, where you can just sit and watch and laugh without thinking too much? Yeah, it was that kind of movie. Also, side note: Tom Holland is, in my opinion, a very good reason to be the only reason you watch the movie. Just saying 😉

Granted, there were times when I felt like ‘eeeeeeenh’ but it’s okay, you gotta let it slide. Some parts made me question a lot of things, and some parts just needed more, but like I’ve said, when you’re watching the movie as a fan and not as a movie critic, you have to be willing to look beyond a few things.

Quality: 4.5

Well, truth be told, I’m sure you all know that Marvel is kind of at this stage where they just have a lot of money. Money = better equipment = better quality movie = more money. So, the effects and stunts were all good. At the very least, they’re good enough for you to not notice something amiss.

I’m not going to say Tom Holland’s a gifted actor, because in my opinion, he’s not. However, he was pretty good for this somewhat light-hearted movie, and he masked his British accent quite well. There was this one scene where it was wow, and if you end up watching the movie, you’ll know which scene I’m talking about.

My favourite character in the movie was probably the one Zendaya portrayed: a sassy, honest, champion-of-minority-rights girl named Michelle. She was so funny, even with the limited amount of lines she had during the film.

Necessity: 3 

Unfortunately, a few funny lines does not a must-watch movie make. In general, if you don’t watch it, I think you’ll survive. It’s not the type of movie you watch over and over again because it’s just so good or so funny. In my honest opinion, it’s hardly even an action movie. Like, sure, there’s a lot of cool gadgets and Iron Man shows up to liven up the whole thing, but it doesn’t add up to an amazing movie. If I were you, I’d watch it only for one or more of these reasons:

  1. You’re a Marvel fan and you can’t possibly miss a single detail within this complex universe. (At least, that’s why I watched it.)
  2. Movies are your thing and you can’t possibly miss a single one. (Same, dude.)
  3. The trailer looks cool. (It is, and there’s more cool stuff in the actual movie.)
  4. Tom Holland is good-looking. (I totally didn’t just make that a valid reason even though it totally is.)
  5. You’re so curious you’re willing to spend money on it.
  6. You’re bored.

In terms of the MCU, I don’t think Spider-man: Homecoming is that vital to your understanding of the whole storyline. Unlike Civil War, there’s not much in this movie that directly impacts the upcoming Avengers movies. Sure, some solid plot lines occurred and sure, there’s Iron Man. Yet, if you don’t watch this, and you just watch Infinity Wars, I think you’ll be fine. That opinion might change, depending on the outcome of Thor: Ragnarok. 

General: 4

I think I’ve said all I need to say to those of you who haven’t watched it. The movie’s good and it’s funny and Holland is cute, but it won’t greatly impact your movie-watching prowess. The details will not have a huge impact on the next Avengers films. At least, as far as I can tell, and as closely as I watched Spider-man, the little bits and pieces offered aren’t as significant as the bits offered in the Captain America franchise.

The acting is fine, the effects are great, and it’ll take your mind off things. PLUS, it’s not a stereotypical superhero movie with tons of angst and unwanted drama. It’s actually a lot of high school and friends and nerds being nerds. It’s awesome, basically.

However, I still encourage you to go watch it. Even if you’ll survive without it, if you really care about the MCU, I definitely suggest buying a ticket and giving it a chance. Remember, it’s funny as hell. And it’s an enjoyable movie. DON’T FORGET TO STAY UNTIL THE CREDITS ARE OVER!




Did anyone else catch Happy listing off all the new things we’ll see in the upcoming Marvel movies? I believe he mentioned Cap’s new prototype shield. And something for Thor. I think he mentioned one more but my poor brain can’t recall it. I love these little pieces they throw at us.

Also, the parts with Captain America were ridiculous but so ridiculous that it was funny. Sorry, I find everything Chris Evans does amusing.

Spider-man: Homecoming also addresses what really happens after a massive fight involving all of our favourite superheroes. Who does the clean up? Who gets rid of the bodies and pieces of metal and blood? Well, now we know. Thanks, Stark. Sort of.

There’s also a ton of comic book references in this movie, none of which I noticed because I will not touch the comics (there are too many and I haven’t the time).

You know what else it was missing? Action. According to news sources, Holland is good at parkour and running, which is why Spiderman usually runs instead of going shooshoo with his web slingers and jumping everywhere. I actually like that Holland did some of the actual work.


BUT did you notice Michelle say, “My friends call me MJ,” in the end? ‘MJ’ is Spidey’s girlfriend in one of the universes aka Mary Jane Watson, you know, the girl he ends up with in one of those versions of this superhero? I caught that, but I don’t know what to do about it.

Did you also laugh at the way he caught Liz with his web instead of just failing to catch her like the other Spider-man did? You know, Andrew Garfield’s take on it, where he failed to catch Gwen and grieved (along with the fans) forever? I don’t know about you, but I found that just a little too funny.

As for the wow scene I mentioned somewhere up there ^^, I was referring to the scene where Vulture had just bombed the warehouse and Peter was stuck under tons of concrete. He screamed for help and it sounded so real that I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing for a few moments. That right there was Holland’s acting potential. Did you know Holland never even dreamed of playing Spider-man in the MCU, even if he was a fan from a younger age? Even dreams you don’t dare to dream come true.

I loved how Spider-man was younger and his lines actually sounded like something a teenager would say. Being a high school student myself, it was kind of relatable. Maybe that was why I found the movie so funny, but I guess we’ll never know. The techy pieces Tony gives him, along with Karen (oh my goodness, Karen was hilarious), I think they just added to the movie as a whole.

I can’t believe that Peter refuses to join the Avengers, but I think he made the right choice, even if he denied himself the chance to put on that awesome new suit. However, we do know that Spider-man will be an Avenger next year alongside our other beloved characters. Tom Holland’s got a contract with Marvel, and they’ve announced that he’s going to be in it. Unless they plan on him making a cameo saying no to Tony when the latter inevitably makes a call, I doubt that Peter Parker will remain the “friendly neighbourhood Spider-man” for too long. I hope he gets to graduate high school before saving the world, though. Education is far more important than potentially dying.

Thanks for reading my review! I hope you guys like it, and don’t hesitate to comment or like it down below. I’m sure there’s more I forgot to say, but I think I’ve said enough.

I’ll see you next time.


Ms. Abigail

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