Kingsman: The Golden Circle :Movie Review

I just watched this movie last night, prepping beforehand with the first one, and let’s just say, I really really enjoyed watching Kingsman.

First and foremost: I do believe it’s necessary that you watch the first one, or at least know everything that happens before you go and watch the sequel.

This movie in three words: Eggsy against drugs. That’s basically all you need to know before you go and watch this in theaters (hopefully within the coming days!).

So, here are my ratings based on my five-point system:

Enjoyment – 4.5 

This movie was just as funny as its predecessor, with witty remarks and sarcastic humour permeated well throughout the whole film. What I loved about the first movie was that it was obviously not supposed to be an incredibly refined action movie with seamless editing and a convoluted plot. Rather, it was made to be a little seriously? with a dash of GIVE ME MORE. 

The Golden Circle is a little outrageous, and some parts a bit slow-moving, but all in all, I would go watch this again. And again. Maybe even a fourth time. The action was amazing, some parts disgusting, but the slow-motion and the hype music made it my type of escape.

Seriously, this movie was SO funny.


Quality – 3.5-4

What I don’t know is if they made the effects horrible on purpose. Truth be told, they probably did, just so it adds to the movie as a whole. The green screen techniques were a little rusty, and some of the acting was merely so-so. I loved the flow of the music because it doesn’t really give you a moment of rest between one plot sequence and another; it kind of just keeps your heartbeat fast and your mind focused.

Necessity – 4

Go watch it in theaters right now if you saw the first one and loved it. It was worth watching, worth every penny, and if it weren’t for the fact that watching movies tend to cost money, I’d be watching it tonight with my friends for the second time in two days.

General – 4-4.5

The action started from minute 1 to minute 120. It was almost non-stop, and you could tell just from the beginning that it’s a movie jam-packed full of badass fighting and cool gadgets.

The message in this movie wasn’t as powerful as it was in the first, as franchises do tend to go, but the overall feel of it was consistent with The Secret Service. I laughed more than I worried, and I could feel my thoughts disappear with every swear that entered my ears.

That said, there wasn’t much meat to this movie. It was good without being life-changing, and it had a wow factor without being OMG. I love Eggsy, and I love his personality (even if he’s kind of a jerk sometimes).



So, let’s talk about what really happened in this movie.

I hated the fact that Roxy dies after saying -10 sentences. She was such a fun presence in the first movie, and I adored the friendship she had with Eggsy (before she was blown up). I secretly think she survived somehow, but I suppose, without a third movie, we won’t really know. There’s a 99% chance she died, but I’m optimistic that she survived. Also, with her death came JB’s. I was so mad when the dog died, and I was devastated at the irony of Eggsy’s friend dying two seconds after he put the grenade away.

Tilde and Eggsy. Hm. They were cute. That’s basically all I got out of it. I hated it when he was dumb enough to ask her if he was allowed to sleep with another girl for the sake of his job because that crap is exactly that: c r a p. I’m happy he’s now a Swedish Prince, though, that would be a very interesting subplot if they decided to make a third movie.

HOLY MOLY, MERLIN. MERLIN. M E R L I N. I was so angry at the end. I was laughing through my tears and ugh, I really hate it when my favourite character DIES. His sacrifice was so touching, and the song a little bit too American for my taste, but I’m so upset that he ended up dead. Blown to bits, really, but let’s just call it dead.

Julianne Moore’s acting was terrifying. I always admire and fear the cheerful/sweet antagonist more than I do the outright evil ones.

Elton John’s lines were my favourite, hands-down. Elton John? No, Elton Gone.

I couldn’t believe that Eggsy didn’t trust Harry’s opinion. Like, sure, the guy is a little cuckoo, what with the butterflies and all, but this is a man you look up to, a man who has had years of experience with this kind of thing. Agent Whiskey was always a bit suspicious, and when Harry said he was double-crossing them, I was like, listen to him you pompous British prat! Everything worked out in the end, which was fine, but still.

That’s about it for my thoughts, folks!

What did you guys think of the movie? Share your thoughts down below!

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