It: Movie Review

Well, that’s a very short title. It actually means so much, but I’ll get into that. So, the synopsis for this movie in three words: demonic hungry clown. There’s this very lovely clown named Pennywise the Dancing Clown who wreaks havoc on this small town by kidnapping children and occasionally snacking on them. You guys better love me after this because I had to re-experience my nightmares from googling these images.


I don’t tend to watch horror movies, so don’t take this too seriously. I’m kind of a scaredy-cat, but to be honest with you, if you’re like me, go watch It anyway. It’s not that scary, I promise. Unless you’re afraid of clowns, at which point I will say DO NOT WATCH IT. 

Here are my general thoughts: I liked this movie. If you asked me to watch it again, I’d say HELL YEAH because it was a good and enjoyable time. Pennywise isn’t so scary once you’ve seen the memes of Bill Skarsgård (aka the sort-of-hot actor who plays this very friendly clown). The jump-scares were timely, the techniques fantabulous, and more than that, this movie was actually hilarious. I laughed more than I cried, and I learned more about boys and what goes on in their minds than I’d like to. There is more to this movie than just a scary clown, and the true meaning of the story is quite profound.

Credits to IMDb

For any Harry Potter fans: Think of the Boggart, and turn it into a humanoid creature with awesomely terrifying makeup.

So, as per usual, here are my ratings in terms of the four factors. This is a five-point system.

Enjoyment – 4.5 

As I’ve said, I liked this movie. I cried and laughed and jumped back in fear more times than I could count, of all of the above. It’s the type of movie I’d go see with friends (because friends are probably better than hearing your mom scream in your ear five times per minute), and definitely on my Halloween Horror Movies list, assuming I have such a thing.

Quality – 4.5

Every time I watch a movie with child actors, I’m always waiting to be amazed. It made me rethink my acting career and why didn’t I star in a horror movie??? These kids are so good at what they do, and the crew kind of gives me a Stranger Things vibe. They’re funny, witty, and they all deal with their own share of personal terrors. So, in terms of acting, this movie was great.

Credits to the Inquisitr

The makeup was obviously fantastic too. Though, I’ll admit I spent more time than necessary studying Pennywise’s face (just to see the resemblance to his actually-kind-of-good-looking actor).

Effects-wise, I suppose this movie was relatively good. I wasn’t paying attention to minor details during the scary parts, so I can’t really talk about that. Some of the scary bits weren’t scary enough, in my opinion. That room could’ve been darker, the noises scarier, and the general tone could’ve been darker. That said, I was terrified of my own bathroom for about a week after watching this movie.

What’s up with horror movies and bathrooms? Bathrooms are always a bad place to be in when you know some demonic creature is coming after you.

Necessity – 3 

You don’t have to go and see it in the theaters now. In my opinion, every movie is better with the giant screen and loud speakers, but I’m not going to say that it’s a must-watch. Perhaps if this came out in October while everyone is readying themselves for Halloween, but as of right now, I’m looking out at a sunny landscape and It would kind of just wreck that.

I suggest you watch this in a dark basement full of friends, and make sure you lock the doors and windows just in case one of them wants to prank you. Oh, and don’t buy any red balloons anytime soon.

General – 4.5 

In general, this is my favourite horror movie of all time because it wasn’t fully centered around scary stuff. I guess that doesn’t make it much of a horror movie, but it was fear-inducing without being nightmare-inducing. I’m not too keen on closets or basements right now, but I’m not waiting to see a clown’s reflection in my mirror either.



So, Georgie dies within the first five minutes of the movie, and that’s the point where I went, gee I really should’ve looked up the synopsis of this movie before sitting down. I didn’t know Pennywise was a hungry and scary clown. Well, I did know the scary bit, but definitely not the whole I’M GONNA EAT YOU part.

Most of the movie was spent with me clutching my jacket and hoping nobody was going to prank me based on this movie because I am actually quite the coward. I wasn’t too scared of Pennywise, I actually studied his face a lot, but the jump scares really tested my wits.

I kind of got a Pitch Black feel out of the clown. You know, the bad guy in Rise of the Guardians, and how he’s vanquished by kids who don’t happen to fear him? I also got the Boggart thing, because Pennywise conjures up the things you’re most afraid of. Wow, that would be a very long list for me.

I didn’t like the whole romance between Beverly and Billy and Ben (wow three Bs), not only because it was kind of what the hell but because it was a little confusing. Beverly wakes up because Ben kisses her, and she’s all smiley and stuff about the poem, but then she sort of ends up hanging out with Billy alone and kissing him? I guess this subplot isn’t all that important, but I’m a sucker for romance, and I do not like being confused.

I’ll definitely be watching the sequel. I’m just hoping it comes out sooner than 27 years from now when I’m more than twice my age and more fragile than ever.

I think that’s about it, so thanks for reading this and YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

What did you guys think of this movie? Share your thoughts down below!


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