The Commuter: Movie Review

Every time I see a trailer with Liam Neeson, or whenever I hear his voice, I have learned to associate it with a suspenseful action movie. The Commuter was no different. 

Every time I see a trailer with Liam Neeson, or whenever I hear his voice, I have learned to associate it with a suspenseful action movie. The Commuter was no different.

This particular movie is about a seemingly ordinary man who is given one simple task: find the person on the train who does not belong, and place a GPS tracker in their bag. Sounds easy, right? Well, apparently not. There are dozens of people on the train, and the guidelines for finding this person are, naturally, vague and mysterious.

This is my review based on my five-point, four category system.

Enjoyment – 4/5 

Like all Liam Neeson action-packed films, I knew what I was going into. I knew he was going to save the world, probably with a gun in his hand, and the movie was going to have bits and pieces of humour. Well, this one was exactly that. The only reason its rating is a 4 and not a 3 for this category is because the mystery of this ‘Prin’ (the person he’s supposed to find) character. That was it. The identity of his/her target is obscure, which therefore makes the audience more engaged.

Still, the beginning was a little dull. My dad fell asleep in the first 15 minutes, just saying.

Quality – 5/5 

Yeah, the quality was good. I mean, I loved the time lapses in the beginning. Magnificently done, in my humble opinion. It made it interesting, and it actually made me smile for no reason. It was just nice to watch. Knowing that the set consisted of only one train car and a bit of the second, all done in a studio, made it more amazing because it changes seamlessly. You won’t even realize that they used only one train car for most of the film, redressing it each time someone (usually Liam Neeson) walked through into another train car.

Another reason why I gave it a perfect score in this category is because it’s hard for it not to get a high number. I mean, the whole movie is Liam Neeson on a train, and we follow his face the entire time, so there’s no room for awkward transitions or abrupt moments. The special effects were also done well, and it wasn’t overdone, something I’m very grateful for.

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Necessity – 2/5 

Do you need to watch it? Eeeeeenhhh. It wasn’t an amazing movie. I don’t think it’s something that’ll stay in my mind until even next week, and I can honestly say I didn’t think of it throughout the entire course of today. I watched it last night, just so you know.

If you want mindless action and a sort-of interesting plot, then yeah, go ahead, watch it. I think you’ll survive if you wait until it shows up on Netflix.

General – 3.5/5

It was an okay movie, really. I mean, it served its purpose: it took my mind off the world for an hour and a half. Still, it’s definitely not something I’ll watch again in theatres, and I probably won’t watch it on Netflix as soon as it comes out. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either.


Honestly, the whole Prin thing was stupid. I mean, I get that these ‘important people’ really want to kill the witness so that the entire country isn’t screwed over, but we don’t ever really find out what the information was. It was mentioned a couple of times, but so vaguely that I don’t get the point of the story. I didn’t understand the urgency beyond the whole “we’ll kill everyone you love” thing.

The Murphy twist was also predictable. I mean, who else could it be?

I think the point of the movie was to enjoy myself, and I did. But in the way that I enjoy walking outside, or the way that I enjoyed reading The Hunger Games. Riveting, but it doesn’t stay on your mind beyond its length.

If you made it thus far, I thank you for reading my review.

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Ms. Abigail

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