Maybe Someday: Book Review

I loved this book. Of course, there were parts that I naturally didn't like as much as others, but I loved this book. It was funny and real and sad and a breath of fresh air. It helped that the songs were lovely, as well. Maybe Someday just became my second-favourite Colleen Hoover book, not exactly an easy feat. 

Ready Player One: Book Review

When I saw this book surface on the internet a few years ago, of course I wanted to read it. But the more I saw it being raved about by bookstagrammers and critics alike, the more I hesitated. I didn't want to see if it would live up to my expectations. But, wow. I finally picked it up because I knew the movie is going to be out soon (March 29th!), and I wanted to be able to write a good movie review about it. So, I read it. And, to say the least, I loved it.