Avengers: Infinity War : Movie Review

In three words: emotional, unpredictable, impactful.  This is a movie of a lifetime. It's the movie of my generation. For ten years, the MCU has dominated the box office with 18 movies, and I can promise you that the 19th is going to be no different. This one was a different kind of MCU movie because well, everyone is in it, and although you think that might take away from the emotional intensity of the movie...you're in for a wild ride. This is my SPOILER-FREE review.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure : Movie Review

As a fan of the Maze Runner film franchise, it was only natural for me to practically skip my way to the movie theatre last night. The original release date had been delayed, so my anticipation had built up over the last few months as I eagerly waited for the tickets to go online. Once they did...you [...]

The Post: Movie Review

 The Post is about the first female publisher of an American newspaper, Katherine Graham (Meryl Streep). Together with the editor, Ben Bradlee, Katherine rushes to catch up to The New York Times and expose government secrets about the Vietnam War.  It was engaging, interesting, and extremely empowering for all the females (and males) in the audience.

The Greatest Showman: Movie Review

It's a feel-good movie with fantabulous songs, and while many critics say that this movie is 'artificial' or 'disjointed,' the response from the general public is mostly positive. This is one of those cases where we, as people, love it while the critics' opinions are overwhelmingly negative.

It: Movie Review

Well, that's a very short title. It actually means so much, but I'll get into that. So, the synopsis for this movie in three words: demonic hungry clown. There's this very lovely clown named Pennywise the Dancing Clown who wreaks havoc on this small town by kidnapping children and occasionally snacking on them. You guys [...]